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    Yoga is the way to happiness


  • Yoga

    Why yoga?

    Yoga gives simple and noticeable results – the body becomes stronger and more flexible, a person becomes well-balanced. At the same time, the gradual transformation begins in both the body and mind of an yoga practitioner. That is the reason for favorable life changes. And once you’ll understand you are a yogi!

    The pass of yoga is a movement to understanding, who you are and opening the inner source of happiness

    Hatha yoga

    Hatha yoga is a classic yoga. It combines the practice of shatkarmas (yogic cleanse), asanas, breathing and conscious relaxation.

    The goal of hatha yoga is union of the body, mind and conscious. The major in hatha yoga is physical aspect, thus we prepare ourselves to higher yoga

    Yoga therapy

    Yoga therapy classes are a special programs for the health cure if yoga participant has any heath restrictions. It depends on your personal health history what technics will be used for the practice.


    Yoga therapy classes are suitable for the ailments:

    •  Musculoskeletal system: protrusion, hernia, low back pain;
    • Cardiovascular system: high or low blood pressure, varicose veins, vegetative-vascular dystonia;
    • Respiratory system: asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy.

    It possible to build individual programs for the practice in case of another disease too.


    Yoga therapy is able to improve health, activate the body reserves and restore the psycho-emotional state. A habit of positive thinking is formed through the regular yoga practice that is the strong reason for the body to focus on recovery

  • Personal program

    Both hatha yoga and yoga therapy are available in your place or yoga studio


    I’d like to offer you a personal yoga program in accordance with your goals and expectations. You can choose one of the items or suggest your own idea:

    • Beginners program for an easy entrance into the yoga classes
    • Yoga therapy program 
    • Yoga practice revision or study of some practice elements
    • Design of a program for the home practice
    • Comfort and high efficiency of practice for strong results 

    To get in touch, please go to the contact page ॐ

  • More on about me

    Evgenia Aksenova, yoga teacher, yoga therapist


    Hello and welcome!

    Dear guest, I kindly welcome you on my website. Here you will find the current schedule of my classes, contacts, reflections and tips how to make your yoga practice better, deeper and more efficient. Everything I write is my personal experience. And if you feel that we go one way, my knowledge is always open for you. 

    About me

    My name Evgeniya Aksenova, I am a teacher of Hatha yoga and yoga therapist. I’ve finished the teacher's course at the Moscow yoga school, received a diploma of Russian Institute of yoga therapy and continue to study at the school of Patanjali International Yoga Federation.

    My yoga practice

    My yoga classes are my opportunity to tell you about how to live in harmony with yourself, love your body and listen to your heart. We practice asanas, breathe, meditate and observe how it improves health and increases vitality. The body becomes more fit and obedient, and mind becomes clear and calm.

    Developing the physical body, we improve the intellectual and creative abilities, strengthen health, become kinder, more tolerant, and embark on the path of spiritual development.

    Just come to do yoga. After all, you can feel the power and beauty of yoga only skipping the practice through your own experience. I’ll be glad to provide all my knowledge to you ॐ

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